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Welcome to World Destiny! We're a character driven Kingdom Hearts RP. We have plenty of members who also have full time jobs, so while we may be slower in response time, we are nonetheless all interested in RPing together, and look forward to the opportunity to write some amazing stories with you.


Noticing a lack of worlds?
Due to the current storyline, there are not very many worlds available. More worlds will be unlocked as the characters progress through the story. Can't wait to get lots of bustling worlds out there for increased locations to RP!

Current story:
Two years after the events of Dream Drop Distance, the Darkness became so great that it swallowed the worlds, locking them away within its merciless abyss.

Twilight Town, now covered in eternal night, stands as one of last Sanctuaries of Light. It is where players begin their journey.

Ever resourceful, the Moogles have created a safe place for refugees. They have charged the Denizens of Light with finding Castle Oblivion: it holds a key to the puzzle of the lost worlds.

But within the dark shadows of the sanctuary world a powerful dark force still looms, waiting to strike. Each survivor must choose whether to go to Castle Oblivion or stay behind to protect the world from the dragon that lurks in the shadows ... |


Welcome Center

Arrivals & Departures

New to World Destiny? Create your first thread here and introduce yourself to us! If you're leaving for awhile, please be sure to let us know in the Departures board.

Might be time for a return  by: ⊹Era Jun 21, 2020 23:48:37 GMT -4
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Information Centre

For new members, this board contains important threads you can use to familiarize yourself with World Destiny. For old members: important announcements will be posted here.

New Application Process  by: ⊹Era Jun 9, 2020 22:08:23 GMT -4
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Please post advertisements for your site or your affiliate request here.

Ex Malo Bonum (fantasy/cyberpunk, jcink)  by: Lacuna Nov 29, 2020 15:29:09 GMT -4
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Character Development

Character Register

This is where you can create a character, grab a canon or adopt one from another member. To exempt yourself from the 2-week policy, please mark a profile [WIP] if you're still working on it.

Plot Central

Various world and site plots will be posted here. Also, feel free to chart your character's side-quests, plot ideas, and other events in this board.

Wasteland Master Thread  by: Fahe Reingard Oct 22, 2019 18:31:10 GMT -4
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In Character

The Black Reach

The furthest stretch of the Darkness - the most damaged worlds, and the deepest, darkest parts of the universe lie here. In most places, the stars, what few shed their light this far into the Darkness, look more distant. Still, there are places within the Black Reach where even the stars refuse to shine. The Darkness has a way of swallowing everything. Those brave enough to venture here would be wise to carry with them a modicum of caution.

The Will to Wake [Quest!]  by: Aqua May 3, 2020 21:54:41 GMT -4
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Twilight Town

Few stars can be seen in the sky above, and the moon, now shattered, reflects in broken pieces upon the devastated haven once known for its perpetually-peaceful dusk.

Field Study [Open]  by: Sang Son-Yeon Nov 26, 2020 7:10:42 GMT -4
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Out of Character

Common Chatter

You may talk about anything that isn't related to the RPG here. Have fun, but remember to keep forum rules in mind.

Fortunately / Unfortunately  by: ⊹Era Aug 11, 2019 21:23:25 GMT -4
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Creative Corner

Post your graphics, drawings, sites, etc. here to show them off, request feedback or start a conversation about something you really liked. Please give credit to the creators of the work if it's not your own.

Test Template Problems  by: Shaizen Latross Oct 7, 2019 21:55:16 GMT -4
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Staff Discussion

This board is for the united front of administration members to communicate about issues and upcoming events on the forum. Staff members, check this board often!


All of the old threads will be moved here so they can be viewed for reference.

🧜‍Disney/ Once Upon a Time🧜‍♀  by: AIOT Staff Oct 22, 2020 11:51:33 GMT -4
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Forum Information & Statistics

Welcome to our newest Member: Leo Forsythe

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Hi there guest! ^^ We're a bit slower now, but still have dedicated members and plot threads. You're welcome to join us if you'd like. <3 Nov 22, 2020 21:50:05 GMT -4
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Is this site still active? Nov 21, 2020 21:18:32 GMT -4
⊹Era Avatar
(heartless) Nov 17, 2020 0:14:32 GMT -4
⊹Jade Avatar
(heartless) Nov 16, 2020 18:15:59 GMT -4
⊹Jade Avatar
Mayhaps should Zepho see this, they poke the Discord? Nov 16, 2020 18:15:37 GMT -4
⊹Jade Avatar
Your eyes do not decieve you. That is indeed! Nov 16, 2020 18:15:07 GMT -4
⊹Era Avatar
Whoa. Did I just spot a Zephy? =o *blinks in double-take mode.* Nov 16, 2020 14:08:39 GMT -4
⊹Era Avatar
Okay, Disc link is up on top there. ^^ Nov 14, 2020 14:28:38 GMT -4
⊹Era Avatar
Oh no! Thanks for the note Guest! I'll make sure to add one. Nov 14, 2020 13:43:06 GMT -4
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You guys should really have a link to your Discord somewhere on site. The widget isn't very mobile friendly. I've tried saying hello like 4 times now and it just doesn't send. Nov 14, 2020 2:37:45 GMT -4
⊹Era Avatar
(oogie) Oct 31, 2020 13:20:18 GMT -4
Marmadue Avatar
Too empty-looking, so it's time to make it messy again Oct 29, 2020 17:27:46 GMT -4
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